Motorcycle Training Program - Stephenville $520.00

St. Anthony

Course location:

Classroom session will be held at the College of the North Atlantic, St. Anthony campus, on Friday evening from 1830h - 2130h, and the on bike training will take place on the parking lot of the College as follows:

Course schedule:

Weekend courses
Friday from 1830h-2130h
Saturday from 0830h - 1700h
Sunday from 0830h - 1700h

Evening Courses
Friday from 1830h - 2130h
Sunday from 1800h - 2130h
Monday from 1800h - 2130h
Tuesday from 1800h- 2100h
Wednesday from 1800h - 2130h

Course Conditions:

Due to our climate, the course is held in varying types of weather, therefore, you should be prepared with appropriate clothing. Proper rain gear should always be available. No course will be held in unsafe conditions.

Number of Participants

There are currently no available timeslots at this location. Please Contact Us for upcoming availability.