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Occupational Health and Safety


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OHS - Auditing Techniques

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This new five-day program is delivered in an interactive manner utilizing the principles of adult education. All participants will play an active role in the process. Group exercises will involve case studies and practical workshops. The course consists of three days in the classroom, one day conducting an external audit, and the final day is used to present and discuss the audit findings.Topics include: Overview of safety auditing, defining audit scope, Audit elements, using the audit tool, ethics, how to conduct audit interviews, generating an audit report, audit scoring, document control, and practical field safety.

OHS - Emergency Preparedness

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OHS - Fire Warden

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OHS - Powerline Hazard

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Power Line Hazards Certification Training is a legal requirement for operators of boom trucks, mobile cranes and other similar equipment. The training covers basic knowledge about electricity, electrical hazards, and safety measures when working in proximity to transition lines above and underground. It also teaches participants what to do when equipment becomes charged with an electrical current and reviews all appropriate legislative requirements.

This training must be renewed every three years.

OHS - Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Week Workshop

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OHS - Introduction to Occupational Hygiene

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This course will introduce the concepts and techniques used in the discipline of occupational hygiene. You will be given the chance to examine sampling tools and data gathering methods. Discussions will include how to hire an occupational hygienist, selection of sampling equipment and how to interpret and communicate sampling results. Course topics include: Occupational Hygiene History, Basic Statistics and Chemistry, Physiology, Air Contaminants, Temperature Stress, Noise, Basic Ergonomics, Internal Air Quality (IAQ) and IAQ Limits.

This course would be of particular interest to safety professionals, industrial hygiene professionals and those that want a greater understanding of hygiene issues in the workplace.

OHS - Incident Investigation

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Every day, workplace incidents cause harm to people, property, quality, production, the environment and business profits. An incident investigation is the best way to find the cause of an incident, control the hazard and prevent similar incidents and further harm or loss. This course will give you an understanding of the benefits and goals of an incident investigation, as well as methods for conducting effective incident investigations to prevent recurring incidents.

OHS - Canada Labour Code Pt II

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This course outlines the main components of the Canada Labour Code (CLC) Part II. During this interactive session, participants will review regulations as well as gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Participants are encouraged to take part in group discussions and exercises. The course covers an introduction to Canada Labour Code Part II, how to read the code, duties of employees and employers, internal complaint resolution, right to refuse, health and safety committees, health and safety representatives, permanent structures; temporary structures and excavations, electrical safety, hazardous substances, materials handling, confined spaces, hazardous occurrence investigation; recording and reporting, and first aid.

OHS - Certification Training (OH&S Committees)

Register NowThis course provides an understanding of what a health and safety committee is and what is required under the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act. Recognized by WorkplaceNL, this program covers five modules: Introduction to OHS, Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety Committees, Hazard Recognition Evaluation and Control and Workplace Inspections.

OHS - Confined Space Entrant / Attendant Course

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Did you know that your workplace could have several confined spaces requiring controlled entry? Most large buildings and construction sites have at least one or two. Workers must be trained in the proper recognition, procedures and equipment necessary to safely enter and work in these confined spaces. This one-day program examines the definitions of a confined space and the legislation that governs their safe entry. Confined space entrants and attendants learn their roles through a discussion of confined space hazards, exposure limits, confined space preparation and safe work procedures. The program also includes substantial demonstration and hands-on use of various confined space entry, testing and rescue equipment.

To register, visit Hightek's website.

OHS - Fall Protection Course

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This two day program is designed for anyone who works at heights and uses fall protection equipment. The course focuses on establishing working solutions for fall hazards through several hands-on exercises, Workers discuss and learn proper selection, usage, limitations, maintenance and daily inspection of personal fall arrest systems. Participants are also introduced to specialized fall protection systems such as self-retracting, vertical and horizontal lifelines. This program has been certified by WHSCC.

OHS - Fall Protection Recertification Course

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This one day re-certification program is designed for anyone who works at heights, uses fall protection equipment and has completed an initial WHSCC NL approved two day certification program. The course focuses on establishing working solutions for fall hazards through several hands-on exercises. Workers discuss and learn proper selection, usage, limitations, maintenance and daily inspection of personal fall arrest systems. Participants are also introduced to specialized fall protection systems such as self-retracting, vertical and horizontal lifelines. This program has been certified by WHSCC NL.

This one day recert program MUST be completed PRIOR to the expiration date on your certificate otherwise you will be requried to complete the two day program again. You are required to provide proof to Safety Services NL that your Fall Protection certification has not yet expired.

OHS - Forklift Operator Safety Course

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This course focuses on safe practices and procedures for forklift operators using multimedia presentations, performance exercises and group discussions designed to reduce accidents and injuries to workers. It is a comprehensive classroom program combined with a practical, hands on component suitable for both experienced and novice operators.

OHS - Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control

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Recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards are the basic building blocks of any safety and health management system. Hazards cause incidents and injury - controlling hazards prevents incidents. This course will introduce the concepts of hazard and risk and teach you how to identify hazards, evaluate hazards by assessing risk and control hazards.

Course outline

OHS - Lockout

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More than 600,000 Canadians are injured on the job every year - and nearly three-quarters of them are employed in physical labour-driven industries. Many of these workers suffer injuries because of improperly locked out machinery. At the end of this course, you will have all the tools to ensure you aren't one of them. The workshop will cover four topics to help you understand and apply proper lockout procedures: lockout requirements, legal requirements, setting up an energy program and implementing an energy control program.

Course outline

OHS - Risk Assessment / Job Task Analysis (JTA)

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A Job Task Analysis is an important safety tool to identify hazards and assess risk in work procedures. The information from a Job Task Analysis is used to develop a comprehensive Safe Work Procedure (SWP) to ensure work does not cause injury, illness or property damage. This course will teach you how to conduct a Job Task Analysis and write a Safe Work Procedure. The workshop is designed to include you as much as possible in the learning experience.

Course outline

OHS - Supervisor Safety Course

Register NowSafety and the Supervisor helps supervisors understand their roles and responsibilities. Supervisors contribute greatly to an organization's safety culture and play a special part - they are the members of the management team who interact with employees most often, report back to management and instil a strong regard for safety on a daily basis. This course helps supervisors plan, organize, lead and control while providing safety training, resources and support and adequate supervision.

OHS - Violence Prevention

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Violence often goes unnoticed and ignored in the workplace, but it is every worker's responsibility to help combat this growing problem. This course is designed to help you understand regulations, conduct risk assessments, establish prevention plans and implement plans to cut down on violence and harassment in the workplace.

OHS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - WHMIS

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This course is designed to educate a worker, supervisor, or manager on the major elements of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System program. Participants are taught how to implement a WHMIS Program in compliance with existing legislation and leave with a comprehensive plan for providing information on the safe use of hazardous materials. The course will cover control measures, classification, labels, MSDS and education and training of other employees.

OHS - Workplace Inspections

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Workplace inspections are an important tool in any company's OHS program. They help supervisors identify hazardous conditions and - when done regularly - can prevent incidents that could cause injury or illness. This course will teach participants how to conduct inspections as proactive measures to identify hazards, analyze risks and apply controls.

OHS - Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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This course is designed to provide employers and employees the knowledge necessary to meet the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations. It is delivered in an interactive format including discussions, presentations and practical exercises. Curriculum is general in nature so as to meet the needs of participants having a variety of TDG related duties. Content is focused on the concept of TDG, how it applies to all modes of transport and how other regulations and standards interact to safely transport dangerous goods in Canada. Our instructor for this course has more than 27 years of regulatory experience including twelve years directly with the transportation of dangerous goods.