Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure if I am unsuccessful passing the course lot tests and want to be re-tested?

We permit one retest and two one hour practice session at no charge. Please contact the SafetyNL at 709-754-0210 to make arrangements.

How can I get additional on-bike training?

We offer private lessons,(not available in all centers) either
At the training site for individuals who have not yet successfully completed the course,or
On the road for those individuals who have their MRD permits.
Private lessons are available at the cost of $80.00 per one hour. To book a private lesson, please contact the SafetyNL at 709-754-0210, or toll free 1-877 759-0210.


What happens if I complete the course and fail?

You can register for another complete course for a fee of $150 within ONE YEAR of the original course date, subject to space available. Alternatively, you can also arrange to complete a skills test at MRD, using your own bike, to obtain your permit.

When do I get my motorcycle licence?

On successful completion of the Motorcycle Training Program, you will be presented with a graduation card. When you present this card at Motor Vehicle Registration, you will be permitted to do the written and vision testing without having to do a skills test.On passing these tests you will be given your level 1 (beginners permit) by Motor Vehicle Registration.
Learning periods prior to licencing are as follows:
If you have
Class 05 or better with course 30 days
Class 05 or better without course 3 months
No licence or class 051 or 052 with course 8 months
No licence or class 051 or 052 without course 12 months

For riding restrictions during the training period, see page 90 of the Road Users Guide

What happens if I pass the course, but fail my road test?

Students can either book a second road test with SafetyNL or make an appointment with Motor Vehicle Registration.

You will require a second road test receipt from Motor Vehicle Registration.

If I lose my graduation card, may I get another one?

No, the card will not be replaced. The student should contact SafetyNL and a letter will be issued stating the date, location, and your course results. A fee of $ 10.00 is charged for this service.

What happens if I want to change my scheduled course date?

Individuals who decide to change the date of their course can do so subject to space available. A $ 25.00 fee will be charged.